SantPolDoc Festival, International Festival of Proximity Documentary Photography
Spain (2021)  

Festival's inauguration conference
Presentation of the documentary "The Autumn Flowers"
Portfolio reviews  
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Sevilla / Spain (2021)

"The Challenge of transmitting realities: photography and audiovisual format to tell stories."

Quijote Photo Fest - International Photography Festival / Spain (2020) 

PICA. Photoespaña International School, Alcobendas (2020)

MADPHOTO Photography School, Madrid / Spain (2020) 
Conference online

AFOGRA Photographic Association, Granada (Spain, 2020) 

Royal Photographic Society, Madrid (2019)

Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón 2019 - International Photography Festival / Spain (2019)

UCM Complutense University in Madrid / Spain (2019) 

"Identity and diversity in contemporary creation. The role of photography"

University College London (United Kingdom 2018) 

"Impacts of Gender Discourse on Polish Politics, Society & Culture - use of photoreportage in the debate."

PhotOn 2018 International Festival of Photojournalism, Valencia / Spain (2018)

Portfolio reviews

UCL Festival of Culture, University College London (United Kingdom 2017)

University Jaume I, Castellón / Spain (2017)

Conference & Seminar 

Hanna Jarzabek - Photography & Documentary Storytelling

Documentary photographer and Multimedia Storyteller specialized in projects addressing discrimination and societal dysfunctions, with accent on Europe.
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